Friday, December 25, 2015

Merry Christmas, updates, and more waiting

       Well, this is certainly a different Christmas than we have ever had before! Last week, Anne's body was indicating that she would probably go into labor soon-- she even went to the hospital at one point. Since she has decided as part of her birth plan that she would like for me to be in the delivery room with her (more on that later), I obviously want to make sure I am around when she goes into labor! We loaded up and headed to Anne's city so that we would be close by when the time comes for baby  girl to be born.

       We started our trip here as a group of 4: myself, my son, and my husband's parents. My husband does not have enough time off from work that he can just hang out down here with us, so he is constantly keeping up with the next available flight from home to here. When Anne goes into labor, he will hop on a plane and get here as soon as possible. Since Anne's plan wouldn't include him being in the delivery room (she just wouldn't be comfortable with a man that she doesn't know that well being in the room), he has a bit more time to get here. So, his parents came to keep us company, wait for the baby to be born, and stay with my son to give me some flexibility to be able to spend time with Anne. Especially with it being flu and rsv season, the hospital has some pretty strict policies about young children on the premises, so we were advised to bring childcare with us.
    But then we got here and things slowed down. Physically, Anne could still go into labor at any moment, but the signs that she is about to aren't as strong as they were last week. Everyone expected baby girl to be born before Christmas, but that didn't end up being the case. So, earlier this week my mom headed down here, and my husband's parents went back to their home for a few days to spend Christmas with the remainder of their family. We are waiting for my husband to be down here to truly celebrate Christmas (presents were brought here!), so this morning my mom and I had a couple of gifts for my son to open, and otherwise have just been having a quiet, relaxing morning. One of my son's gifts was a new Mickey Mouse movie (one that involves trains-- two of his favorite things together!) and he has been enthralled by that for the past few minutes.
     It has ended up working out well that we came down early. Anne and I have had some time to visit, and she invited me to come to one of her doctor appointments. I got to hear the heartbeat and see the ultrasound, which was just amazing. But, overall, we are still waiting!

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