Our Adoption Timeline

Holiday Season 2014: Decided to move forward with pursuing adoption
Late December-Early January: Researching agencies
January 13rd, 2015: Called an agency to schedule our homestudy
January 24th:  1st homestudy visit
February 7th:  2nd homestudy visit
February-April: a whole bunch of nonsense about fingerprinting  
May 16th:  Received a copy of our completed homestudy in the mail
June 2nd: Court approval of our homestudy
September 9th: Matched!
September 30th: 1st phone call with biomom
October 12th: October 12th: 2nd phone call with biomom
October 15th: Met biomom
December 27th: Baby girl born
December 29th: TPR signed
December 31st: ICPC cleared
January 1st: Hospital discharge
January 4th: Post-discharge doctor's appointment for clearance to travel
January 27th: 1st post placement visit
February 29th: 2nd post placement visit 
March 30th: 3rd post placement visit

April 28th: Adoption Finalized! 

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