Friday, January 22, 2016

Where to find available unmatched situations

        Hi all! Baby girl is almost 4 weeks old, and all is well. She is happy and healthy and loved. We have our first post placement visit next week, which I will write an update about after it happens. I'm starting to go through and delete all of my copious adoption-related notes from my computer, so I'll be sharing some random things here and there as I find information that I saved that others might find helpful. Today, I'm going to share some links to pages that post available, unmatched situations that anyone who is homestudy ready can apply for. Sometimes, agencies have expectant mothers who cannot be well matched with any PAP who is signed with that agency. When this happens, they often post the situation as an "available situation" or "unmatched situation" on webpage so that other PAPs are able to see the profile and apply. All of the links that I am going to post do not require a fee to see the page, nor do they require a fee to inquire about a situation, nor do they require you to become a client of the agency to submit your profile for consideration. This is an important point because many agencies maintain an "available situations" page, but if you write or call to inquire about one of the situations posted, they will not give you any information or allow you to submit  profile unless you first sign with them.  We actually matched with Anne through one of these pages rather than through our own agency.

       I am not in any way endorsing or supporting the quality or ethics of any of the agencies/offices whose links I am posting here. These are just the webpages that I found to be helpful in keeping an eye on available situations. To be honest, many of the agencies/facilitators/consultants linked to here have some questionable reviews. Please do your own research to make sure you are comfortable with an agency's process and ethics before applying.
         1.  Mark Miller- Mark is unique in that he only uses his FB page and list-serve in matching. He posts all of his situations on his page, and you pay for each situation you would like to apply for. He maintains his own application template and does not allow you to send in profiles. We actually applied to one situation through Mark, and had a great experience with that. He answers emails quickly and provides lots of details about every situation. He also seems to prioritize making sure every adoption is handled ethically.
       2. Heaven Sent Adoptions-
       3. American Adoptions
       4. Nancy Hurwitz Kors Facilitation Service-   She also posts on her Facebook page
       5. Hands to Hold- They also maintain a Facebook group where they post updates
       6. ABC Adoption Hotline-  
       7. One True Gift-
       8. AdoptLink-

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