Friday, November 20, 2015

Update & prayer request

         These past few weeks have been filled with waiting, but that may be drawing to a close. Anne met with a specialist today to talk about setting an induction date. She has remained ill for her entire pregnancy, and things with her health are getting to the point that it would be safer for Baby Girl to be born early and have the risks associated with a 5 week (or less) prematurity than to have the risks of remaining in such a sick body for much longer.
           I don't have an update about what the result of that appointment was, but I know that at one point a date late next week or sometime during the week after were being discussed. I also know that a thorough anatomical ultrasound was performed last week, and all of Baby Girl's organs are totally healthy and everything looks perfect (thank you, God!), but she is still very small due to Anne's persistent nausea and illness.
           The biggest prayer request on my heart right now is the risk of NAS (neonatal abstinence syndrome), or plainly speaking, withdrawal. Due to a couple of recent surgeries and ongoing health problems, Anne had no choice but to remain on an opiate-based pain killer throughout the duration of her pregnancy. She was able to go down in strength a bit, but there was simply no way that she could discontinue her medication completely. Unfortunately, the painkiller that she has been on (hydrocodone) does carry a moderate risk for withdrawal. Arrangements have been made for Baby Girl to be delivered at a hospital with a Level III NICU, so all of the resources will be in place if she does go through NAS and/or any of its complications. Obviously, we are praying that she does not!
          We are hoping that there will be a birth plan (including date!) in place by Monday so that we can begin making travel arrangements. For those of you who are praying for us, thank you. Truly. Genuinely. Thank you.


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  2. My thoughts are with you, your husband, Anne, and Baby Girl.