Sunday, April 17, 2016

Post-placements visits complete!

        It has been so long since I posted an update! There really hasn't been anything exciting. We had our 3 post-placement visits (one each month), which were completely, entirely uneventful. The social worker asked for updates from Roo's doctor appointments, general baby health and development questions, and basic questions about our adjustment and bonding. Now that our 3 visits have been completed and the post-placement report is done, the adoption attorney in Roo's birth state can petition for a court date for finalization.
      We haven't needed to have much communication at all with the adoption attorney. In fact, I've only spoken to him twice in the nearly 4 months since Roo was born. The only thing that we needed for him that was unexpected was a timeline of every place where we have spent the night with Roo since we brought her home. We had to look up the addresses of the condos that we stayed at in her birth state and document which days we were at which ones, as well as report any family members that we spent the night with and their addresses. So, when you travel, make sure to keep note of the addresses and dates, because you may end up needing to report them! 
      That's really the only update that I have. We went through an absolute fiasco getting Roo's hospital bills paid (insurance, medicaid, blah blah blah), and there were a few extra steps to complete our taxes this year since she doesn't even have a valid social security number at this point. I'm planning on doing posts about each of those things a bit later. Life has been busy around here with two Littles, work, and hubby's fellowship interviews. But all is well, our hearts are full, and we are as happy as can be. 

      For those of you who are reading and commenting as you begin your adoption journeys, know that I am praying for you! I may not know you, but God does! 

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