Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Available Situation: Caucasian Baby due in August

      I am reposting this situation with permission from Betty with Little Bit of Heaven Adoptions. The biomom hasn't seen a profile that she feels is a good fit yet. If interested, please email merts1234@yahoo.com  

       The following is all of the information that I have:

  • Baby is due in August
  • Both parents are Caucasian
    • Isn't sure who biodad is
    • He isn't in the picture
  • Biomom has 3 other children that she isn't parenting
  • Gender is unknown
  • Would like a large family
  • Has had ultrasound to confirm pregnancy
  • Used meth early in pregnancy, but claims to have stopped 
  • Wants semi-open adoption
  • Cost is $30,000 plus LBoH referral fee (not entirely sure what that number is)
  • She has viewed several profiles, but none of them are "clicking"
Please contact Betty ASAP if interested... she has been trying to match for a few weeks now. 

Please note, I have no personal involvement in this situation. Posting this situation is in no way an endorsement of this particular agency. I am just passing on a message that I received through a list-serve in case anyone is interested! 

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