Wednesday, January 27, 2016

The joys of genetic variation

      You don't see many lighthearted things related to adoption, so here is one: sometimes, having a child who does not share your genes is awesome. Researchers have found that sleeping through the night is largely genetic. In other words, good sleepers are born, not made. Our son woke up every 3-4 hours until right around his first birthday-- something that my mother has said that I did, as well. Apparently, he got the "it's okay, no one around here needs to sleep" gene from me! When we began planning for another baby, I was prepared for another year of exhaustion. Baby Girl (who I have decided to call Roo on the blog because of her love of being worn around in my Kangaroo carrier*) is a month old today and, for the past week or so, has gotten in a routine of only waking up one time between her 8pm bedtime and 5am. It is glorious. She has "I like to sleep genes." Lord knows she wouldn't have gotten those from our gene pool.

* I have this LILLEbaby babywearing carrier and LOVE it! We used it with our son for about a year (even went hiking with it!) and now are using it again with Roo. They hold up well in the wash and aren't as hot as the Ergo's, plus they are super comfortable with the extra padding on the back supports.

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