Monday, September 14, 2015

Prayer Requests

       I know that several of our friends and family members have been keeping up with our adoption journey through this blog, and many have made the comment "We're praying for you." With that in mind, I wanted to share some of the specific prayer requests that we have both for Anne and baby girl. We so appreciate everyone's prayers, and know that God's hand has been in every step of this process.

        First, we have been praying for Anne. She has been very ill during her pregnancy (much like I was-- she is even taking the same medication that I was on), and has been having a hard time being able to gain the recommended weight for healthy fetal growth. She has also had a minor health concern surface, and although it is nothing serious, it is causing her some physical pain. Unfortunately, it is something that cannot be safely treated while she is pregnant, so she has about three and a half months of discomfort to deal with. We are praying for her to have some relief from both her sickness and her physical pain.
     Second, we have obviously been praying for baby girl. Partially because of Anne's limited weight gain, baby girl is smaller than average in terms of fetal growth. She isn't at quite a low enough percentile to be in the range of diagnosing fetal growth restriction, but she is low enough that they are going to begin monitoring her carefully and are really pushing Anne to try to eat more and gain more weight. It is possible that baby girl will just be smaller than average, but we are praying that she will begin growing enough that she can be strong and healthy when it is time for her to be born.
     Finally, we are hoping to begin communicating personally with Anne soon. At this point, contact has been through her social worker, but we were told that she would like to begin speaking with us on the phone. We are praying that we can be an encouragement, support, and witness to her, and that she will continue to feel peace about her decision.

   We will be updating prayer requests as we receive updates, ourselves. Thank you for praying with us!

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